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Tarja Turunen - Poison

9. března 2009 v 18:18


Your cruel device
Your blood, like ice
One look could kill
My pain, your thrill
I want to love you but I better not
Touch (don't touch)
I want to hold you but my senses
Tell me to stop
I want to kiss you but I want it too
Much (too much)
I want to taste you but your lips
Are venomous

You're poison running through my
You're poison, I don't want to
Break these chains
Your mouth, so hot
Your web, I'm caught
Your skin, so wet
Black lace on sweat
I hear you calling and its needles
And pins (and pins)
I want to hurt you just to hear you
Screaming my name
Don't want to touch you but
You're under my skin (deep in)
I want to kiss you but your lips
Are venomous

Nightwish - Ever Dream

8. března 2009 v 14:59

Ever felt away with me
Just once that all I need
Entwined in finding you one day

Ever felt away without me
My love, it lies so deep
Ever dream of me

Nightwish - She Is My Sin

7. března 2009 v 13:03


Take heed, dear heart
Once apart, she can touch nor me nor you
Dressed as one
A wolf will betray a lamb

Lead astray the gazers
The razors on your seducing skin
In the meadow of sinful thoughts
Every flower`s perfect

To paradise with pleasure haunted by fear

A sin for him
Desire within
A burning veil
For the bride too dear for him
A sin for him
Desire within
Fall in love with your deep dark sin

Nightwish - Nemo

6. března 2009 v 19:52


This is me for forever
One of the lost ones
The one without a name
Without an honest heart as compass

This is me for forever
One without a name
These lines the last endeavor
To find the missing lifeline

Oh, how I wish
For soothing rain
All I wish is to dream again
My loving heart
Lost in the dark
For hope I`d give my everything
Oh how I wish
For soothing rain
Oh how I wish to dream again
Once and for all
And all for once
Nemo my name forevermore

Lucie Bílá & Arakain - Cornoutto

6. března 2009 v 13:09 | Zdebra


Ve dveřích se zapříčí tvý mocný paroží
uvítá tě smích celý hospody
Jako pozdrav zvyk sis na dva prsty vztyčený
namlouváš si že jsou to jen náhody


Mocterák se z tebe stává
tohle jen těžko uhlídáš
S kým zas je tvá drahá
nechce dát si říct
Tak ať jde k čertu!

Tarja - The Seer

5. března 2009 v 21:42


I cut my heart, a gift to you.
You leave salt in my wound.
You are inside my wall of thoughts
but in yours I`m unknown.

My desperation finds a book of heroes gone.
Legends tell about a saviour wise and storng.
I`m burning at the stake of love, the flames get tall
and in my anguish he`s the last resort to call.

And suddenly my seer is on my side.
Bringing love while forgetting his pride
In his eyes I see there`ll be better times along my way

Nightwish - 7 Days To The Wolves

5. března 2009 v 13:59 | Zdebra


The wolves, my love, will come
Taking us home where dust once was a man

Is there Life before a Death?
Do we long too much and never let in?

7 days to the wolves
Where will we be when they come
7 days to the poison
And a place in heaven
Time drawing near as they come to take us

Nightwish - Carpenter

4. března 2009 v 19:51


Who are you? Man condemned to shine a salvation
Throughout the centuries

Why? Was the wine of the grail
Too sour for man to drink

The carpenter
Carved his anchor
On the dying souls of mankind
On the tomb of this unknown soldier
Lay the tools of the one who for us had died
Tools of the carpenter

Nightwish - Amaranth

4. března 2009 v 13:09 | Zdebra


Baptised with a perfect name
The doubting one by heart
Alone without himself

War between him and the day
Need someone to blame
In the end, little he can do alone

You believe but what you see
You receive but what you give

Caress the one, the Never-Fading
Rain in your heart - the tears of snow-white sorrow
Caress the one, the hiding amaranth
In a land of the daybreak

Nightwish - Planet Hell

3. března 2009 v 19:43 | Zdebra


Denying the lying
A million children fighting
For lives in strife
For hope beyond the horizon

A dead world
A dark path
Not even crossroads to choose from
All the bloodred
Carpets before me
Behold this fair creation of God